Online game "Stockholder"

This game is something like chess and poker. It forces the player to think several moves ahead like chess and encourages players to take risks like poker. Game “Stockholder” requires composure in a situation where you cornered and tickles nerves while you wait for the opponent's move. It gives joy of victories and learn to endure the bitterness of defeat.

About the game

This game is online version of the board game “Aktsioner” created by Kiev amateurs A. Zyrianov and others and based on well-known american game “Broker”. Game imitates some situations on a stock exchange. The goal of the game is to get the most revenue from buying and selling of shares manipulating their price by means of special cards given to player. Minimum two players can take part in a game. Maximum number of players is limited by number of cards. Winner is the player whose fund is more than his rivals. The probability of draw is exists but very low. The game has some fortuity related to cards distribution but the skill to think strategically and tactically and react flexibly on a rival’s actions has a significant impact on game result even under unfavorable cards distribution.

Game rules

In game players operate shares of four colors: blue, red, yellow, green. The minimal price of share is 10 unuts, maximal - 250. Step of the scale price is 10. Prices are changed by the cards.

Cards set

There are 52 cards in a classic variant. 20 big and 32 small. Each card contains one colored digit and one or more uncolored. The digit on a card painted with any color corresponds to units on which the share price of given color can be changed upwards or downwards. The arithmetic operation specified before the digit will be applied to the share price. Unpainted digit indicates the corresponding change of share price which color is chosen by player who makes move.

Big cards

With big cards a player can strongly affects on a share price. Big cards set are splitted to “hundreds” and “doubles”.

Hundred - is a card that increases share price of specified color in 100 units. Price of other shares decrease in 10, 20 and 30 units accordingly. There are three cards of each color.

Double - is a card that multiplies or divides share price in two times. There are 8 cards - 2 of each color. If price is decreased in two times and the result is not multiple to price scale step it is rounded up.


The price was 170 units. Scale step is 10 units. 170 / 2 = 85. After rounding up the new price will be 90 units.

Small cards

Ths set of cards allows to increase or decrease price in 60, 50, 40, 30 units.

Game variants

Depending on game variant, player receives a certain number of big and small cards. It is called a game formula. There are three formulas:

  • 3 х 5 (3 больших, 5 малых карт, 8 ходов)
  • 4 х 6 (10 ходов)
  • 5 х 7 (12 ходов)

Each player can see all his cards and all applied cards of other players. Unused cards of other players is a “trade secret”.

Game beginning

Before the game each player receives 1 share of each color. Initial share price is 100 units.

Move steps

Players do moves one by one.

Each move consists of three steps.

  1. Shares buying - selling
  2. Applying a card
  3. Shares buying - selling by new prices

There is a restriction for the third step. Player can't sell shares were bought on the first step.

Second step. Card applying

On the second step player changes share prices using card. Several important rules binded with this step and the game strategy can be build on these rules.

Compensation rule

If player decreases price of shares belong to him the compensation is paid. This amount is added to the player's cash on the second step. On the third step player can spend this amount to buy shares.


Player has 15 blue shares. He decreases their price in 20 units. Compensation amount will be 15 x 20 = 300 units.

Dividends rule

During the game a situation can occur when a share price becomes more than maximum after increasing. In this case the price is set to maximum value and a difference is paid to all players who has these shares in proportion of the shares number.


Red shares cost 200 units. After move their price was increased in two times. New price is 400. Because the maximum value of the price is 250 for the classic variant, the difference will be 400 - 250 = 150. Player has 10 red shares. Compensation amount is 150 x 10 = 1500 units.


Also during the game the situation can happen when a share price falls below minimal value. This situation is named zeroing. In this case the price is set to minimum (10 units) and a player who is moving receives a partial compensation. Number of shares of the given color is multiplied on a difference between old and minimal prices.


Yellow shares cost 30 units, but a player decreases them in 40, so the compensation amount will be 30 - 10 = 20 for each share. Player has 15 yellow shares. The compensation sum will be (30 - 10) x 15 = 300.

Zeroing. Shares repurchasing

Other players who has these shares lose them. They must repurchase shares by price that calculated in the following way. New price is added to decreasing value and old price is subtracted. To repurchase the lost shares player can use only cash. He can’t sell other shares for repurchasing the lost shares.


Price of green shares was 30 units. It was decreased in 60. Repurchase price will be: 60 + 10 - 30 = 40. Player has 25 shares. He must repurchase them by the price 40 units. He has 420 units in cash. It is enough to repurchase 10 green shares. 20 units remain in the cash. Other shares are eliminated.

If shares cost 10 units before decreasing and player applied “double” card (X2/:2) the repurchasing sum is set to 5 units.

If shares of two or three colors (in case of “hundred” card use) were annulated the player must repurchase shares with lower repurchase price at first and then repurchase other colors it he has enough money. If two colors have the same repurchase price the shares that cost lower before the move should be repurchased at first.


If player doesn’t have money to repurchase at least one share, doesn’t have shares of the other colors and doesn’t have enough money to buy at least one cheapest share, he is declared as a bankrupt and out of the game.

Rule of the last move

When players have one card left shares can’t be bought or sold. Players just change share prices using compensation rule.

Advantage of the last player. Games with move order switching

Player who does last move in a game has some advantage on his rivals because his last card is hidden longer than other’s one. So to equalize chanсes it is preferable to play games with move order switching.

Results summarizing

Winner is the player who has most capital. He is detected in the following way. All shares that he has multiplied on their final price that was set on a last move. Player’s funds invested in shares are summarized for each color and the cash amount is added to the total result.

How to do move in game

How to invite user in game

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